Friday, October 12, 2007

Pushing boundaries or juggling hats: challenge

Although my two positions at the hospital are intricately connected, I am paid for them separately, so I try to keep my work in each location as separate as possible in order to honour my obligations to both.

When I got the request for information at the library on pediatric MS from a Herzl resident, it had not yet been established what to do when a Herzl request comes to me when I am at the library. I had another request at the library from Herzl that same week so it seemed imperative that a decision be made regarding procedure.

It has since been decided that I will treat the request as a PFRC request, and also fill out a consult at the Herzl which can then be placed in the chart, which is what I had instinctively thought to do. This seems like a reasonable solution, although it does mean that I may be occasionally counting a single encounter twice.

The head librarian is also available to consult with patients and has said she is happy to help with Herzl requests coming to the library should I not be able to. This is where having the additional support of a library and especially of an existing patient resource centre makes having an in-house service slightly more feasible, especially when the librarian is only on site part-time.

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