Friday, November 2, 2007

Privacy: challenge


I am in the H-PHIS room creating a handout on local fibromyalgia resources for patients and it is a busy day in the waiting room. People are starting to browse the pamphlets which we have displayed in two very nice wooden displays along the wall. Small children especially seem to like to run into my room and play with the pamphlets on the bottom row. I will have to think of something more interesting to put there for them to play with.

Today I see the beginnings of what will be a great challenge. My room opens directly onto the waiting room which is good because I am visible and people can feel free to drop in and ask a question or browse pamphlets even when I'm not there. What's not so good is that there is no privacy, either for me when I am working (it can be hard to concentrate when a four-year-old runs in and fake-sneezes on you), or for any person who wishes to ask me to help them find information on a topic that requires privacy. One of the dietitians has to go through my room to get to her office and, while she has put up shades, the glass door and wall do not give her patients much privacy either. How to balance the two? How to make sure that people are welcome to come in and use the service, and that if they need they can have a little privacy?

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