Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picky eaters: case

It's time to revisit picky eaters.


A mother comes to see me in my office carrying her 12 month old son who, she tells me, refuses to eat meat. Luckily he will eat just about anything else. She does not want to force him to eat meat, but no one else in the family is vegetarian so she is not sure how to make sure he's getting enough of the vitamins and minerals he needs.


I am able to find quite a few good resources that provide information about vegetarian diets for children:

KidsHealth: Vegetarianism
KidsHealth: Snacks for Toddlers
KidsHealth: Toddlers at the table- avoiding power struggles

Vegetarian Society: Infant diet

Caring for Kids: Feeding your vegetarian child

NOAH: Vegetarian diets (for babies)

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