Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clinical queries, various

Lately the Clinical Medical Librarianship (CML) component of the service has been giving me a lot of interesting opportunities to support practice at the clinic. Often clinicians are faced with conflicting evidence, or their patients read something in the news and they need to be able to respond (Check out What Your Patient Reads, developed by the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Libraries).

I thought I would share a few of the topics I've worked on recently that go beyond the usual 5 min clinical question:
  1. Evidence for and against PSA screening for prostate cancer. I put together a fairly extensive annotated bibliography which I would be happy to share with anyone who contacts me. Included in the bibliography:

    • Incidence/mortality statistics for Canada & US
    • Most recent studies & guidelines 2006-2010 (International)
    • Decision aids and evidence to support their use

  2. Evidence to support, or dispute, what has been in the news lately re: calcium supplements and heart disease:

  3. Association between accutane & ulcerative colitis?

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