Friday, May 23, 2008

Canadian Health Libraries Association Conference: challenge

Next week I will be presenting a paper at the Canadian Health Libraries Association (CHLA) Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My paper is titled: Implementing an integrated health information service in a family medicine setting. I think you can guess what it's about;-)

I'm very excited and also a little nervous. I did my undergraduate degree at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design (NSCAD), now NSCAD University, and my MLIS at the Dalhousie School of Library and Information Studies, now the School of Information Management (SIM). Schools have a way of changing names on me it seems. So I will have plenty of people to see . I'm looking forward to seeing the new Management building which is where my alma mater can now be found, a modern construction of glass and light in contrast to its home when I was last there: the windowless cement cube rolled in pebbles that is the Killam Library. Neither of them as lovely of course as NSCAD's historic buildings. In a serendipitous twist I'll be staying with a friend of mine from library school who is now running NSCAD's Visual Resources Collection. Two of my old NS friends have had babies this year. A friend, another librarian, who now lives and works in the States will be visiting home and celebrating her birthday... Hence excited. This is my first time presenting in front of my colleagues and peers, in the Lord Nelson Hotel's Imperial Ballroom no less. Hence nervous.

Not as nervous as I could be though: a few weeks ago I was invited to speak at McGill's Continuing Medical Education (CME) Thursday Evening Learning Series, which was filmed and broadcast live for those members of the audience who were unable to attend (some of these are rural doctors). I have updated my presentation to suit the library crowd, so it won't be exactly the same, but I will post a link to my CME lecture after the CHLA conference, along with slides from next week's presentation.

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