Monday, June 30, 2008

Sleep apnea (French and Italian): case


I'm always excited when I get to look stuff up in Italian. This time I'm asked to find information about sleep apnea in either French or Italian (preferably both).


I look both terms up in HonSelect:

French: syndromes d'apnées du sommeil
Italian: sindromi di apnea del sonno
apnea: disturbi del sonno

I decide to look for the French first. I go to Passeport santé and type in apnées du sommeil. That brings me to two pages of interest: Apnée du sommeil: signe précurseur d'un AVC? and Vaincre les ennemis du sommeil, a book by Charles M.Morin.

CISMeF directs me to the website for the Ordre des dentistes du Québec. This has some information on snoring which also talks about apnea.

Next I look for information in Italian. has an introduction to apnea but does not have the HonCode stamp of approval, so I keep looking.

I find another site called Dica33 which has some information on sleep disturbances including the complications of apnea. The site looks dinky but surprisingly has the HonCode badge right up at the top of the page for a change (I guess either they are really proud of it, or they are aware that the dinky design of the site might turn people off) and it turns out the site is developed by Edra spa, una società del gruppo ELSEVIER. Roughly translated they are a member of the Elsevier group.


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